Idiopathy were one of Southend's most popular bands in the late 1990's. The band's formula of catchy music, close vocal harmonies, chiming guitars and snappy rhythms ensured that venues were regularly filled to capacity, and audiences sent home with ringing in their ears.

The band was formed in 1996 by Lyndon Nutkins (bass/vocals) and Martin Mays (guitar, vocals) as an acoustic unit to showcase songs that the duo had written.

With the addition of their friend Lincoln Borgartz on drums, the lineup was complete and the band played their first gig at Southend's Club Riga on July 9th 1998. The band was further augmented when Richie Symons joined the band to add lead guitar to their demo CD "It'll All End In Beers" in March 1999, and made his live debut with Idiopathy the following month.

The band had an excellent pedigree: Martin, a talented songwriter, was fresh from a stint in indie band Timeblind, and had for many years played bass, sang and written in several successful Essex bands including Treehouse, the Dreamweavers and A Dog Called Dwain - a trio of groups whose lineup had included Lincoln, a great drummer whose keen musical ear and editing abilities formed a cornerstone of the band's sound. Richie, the youngest member, had played lead guitar in a selection of rock bands where his abilities were (and continue to be) a testament to his undying commitment to his instrument. Only Lyndon lacked such a quantity of band experience, but his bold vocal harmonies, growling bass and ear for musical arrangement added to an animated stage presence.

When Lincoln left the band to go and live in Spain as an English teacher, Idiopathy took a break from live performance, regrouping in the summer of 2000 with Lee Watkins on drums for two packed gigs at The Grand Hotel in Leigh-on-Sea, the last of which was in November of that year.

Musical differences, a lack of venues to play and Southend's general apathy towards live music were among the reasons cited when the group disbanded in early 2001, although the band have remained good friends since. Martin, Lee, Lyndon and Richie have all played with other bands, while Martin and Lyndon have continued to play acoustic music with Lyndon switching to guitar. But tongues have been wagging, with sources close to the band - not least Idiopathy's erstwhile sound man Mike Smith - campaigning for a reunion. More developments as they become available...